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Common Core

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Common Core has not been a popular education program for many adults. It is likely to become even more unpopular now that undercover videos have been released. The account executive at one publisher explained, “It was never about the kids.” She went on to explain that it was about the money. She even suggests that changing the name from Common Core to something else might help publishers make even more money.

If you are not familiar with Common Core, that is understandable. One survey of Americans found that nearly two-thirds (63%) of Americans knew next to nothing about the Common Core Standards.

Common Core is but another top-down approach to educational reform that is now being adopted in many states because of funding. In the past, many governors and former governors endorsed the program. Many have changed their minds once they have seen what Common Core really means.

One of the teachers in the video labeled Common Core as “just another fad.” That is certainly true. Let’s see we have had Goals 2000, outcome based education, self-esteem education, new standards for math and history, School to Work, No Child Left Behind, and Race to the Top. I’m sure I have missed a few, but you get the idea.

Some parents might even be willing to support it if it worked. But student scores on standardized tests aren’t increasing. And when American kids compete on international tests, they do poorly. Perhaps that is because academics are secondary.

During the House proceedings prior to a vote on the Every Student Succeeds Act, Representative Tim Ryan (D-OH) said that Common Core is being used to redefine social-emotional learning. He added that must come first with academics ranking second.

It has been successful in at least one way. One Colorado teacher in the video said it has become a “money making machine.” Critics merely ask you to “follow the money.” Those who have done so are convinced that Common Core is rotten to the core.

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