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Covid Accusations

omicron-Coronavirus Variant
Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

Earlier this month, a political commentator on CNN came to the realization that having Covid is not a moral failing. He declared that “we unknowingly turned having Covid into some sort of judgment on your character.” His remedy was for us to “recognize that getting Covid isn’t a moral failing! It’s a super infectious disease that you can protect against but can’t guarantee you wo1qwn’t get it.”

That declaration was too much for columnist Charles Cooke, who asked: “Unknowingly”? “We need to recognize”? “Societally”? He then wondered if the commentator might actually live in a sensory-deprivation tank.

There is nothing “unknowing” about these previous claims. They are the foundation of the liberal, progressive attack against other Americans. Anyone who had legitimate questions about the value of lockdowns and mandates was labeled a “Covidiot.” The governor of Florida was described as “DeathSantis” while the governor of Texas was accused of belonging to a “death cult.”

A prominent editor at the New York Times compared the southern states that (at the time) showed a seasonal surge of Covid to the slaveholding Confederacy. But as I explained in my September 10 commentary on “Covid Spin,” there was no discernable pattern if you list the Covid death rate per 100,000 by state.

If the politically charged comments on MSNBC, CNN, and the New York Times are to be believed, you would expect that red states would be at the top and blue states would be at the bottom. We will post the chart again so you can see there is no discernable pattern.

Four months later, at least one commentator finally acknowledged the obvious. I suspect it is because the number of Covid cases has increased so much in blue states. Better late than never.viewpoints new web version

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