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COVID and Elections

Covid-19 superimposed around the Capital bldg.
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Recently the president of iVoterGuide explained on my radio program how COVID shows how elections matter.

Debbie Wuthnow said that COVID reminds us that elected officials can make life and death decisions. It may be tempting to think that elections are “just politics.” We learned from the various orders and pronouncements by our elected officials that they have significant power over our lives.

She also argued that COVID revealed how vulnerable our religious liberties are. Some elected officials singled out church services for special sanctions. Legal organizations were busy trying to defend churches.

Also related was the reality that COVID revealed how vulnerable our civil liberties are. A lone surfer was fined. Police ticketed 22 people in cars watching the sunset. A man was arrested for playing T-ball with his 6-year-old daughter in a park.

On the other hand, she noted, COVID also showed that many elected officials still support religious and civil liberties. Many elected officials pushed back against irresponsible edicts. Judges struck down some of the most blatant acts of bullying.

Unfortunately, politicians used the pandemic crisis to stuff special interest pork into laws meant to help average Americans. But these bills were also used to funnel money to wealthy universities and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

COVID also showed that a politician’s worldview matters. We all agree that saving the lives of the elderly and at-risk people is something the government should do. But that same concern for life did not extend to the unborn. Abortion clinics were kept open because they were considered “essential services.”

The pandemic was a reminder of how important the November elections will be.
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COVID and Elections

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