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Evergreen state college
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

Just a few years ago, Evergreen State College was probably best known as the alma mater for rapper Macklemore and Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons. That all changed with an email biology professor Bret Weinstein sent.

In the past, the school had a tradition known as the “National Day of Absence.” Usually, minority faculty and students leave the campus for a day to make a statement. But in 2017, the college wanted to change things and wanted white students and faculty to stay away from campus.

Professor Weinstein argued in an email that there is a difference between letting people be absent and telling people “to go away.” And he added that he would show up for work. When he did, he was confronted by a mob of students. When the administration tried to appease the demonstrators, things got worse.

When this confrontation took place, we talked about it on radio. Now it is well documented in the movie No Safe Spaces. It is also explained in detail in the first chapter of the book by the same name, edited by Dennis Prager and Mark Joseph. The foreword is by Adam Carolla.

Weinstein has described himself as a political progressive and left-leaning libertarian. But his liberal commitments did not protect him from the student mob. The campus police warned him about a potential danger. The next morning, as he rode his bike into town, he saw protesters poised along his route tapping into their phones. He rode to the campus police department and was abruptly told: “You’re not safe on campus, and you’re not safe anywhere in town on your bicycle.” Weinstein and his wife eventually resigned and finally received a financial settlement from the university.

It might be tempting to write this off as a bizarre experience on one campus. Unfortunately, the book and movie document so many instances of similar insanity on college campuses that we the taxpayers need to confront.viewpoints new web version

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