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Housing Rules

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by Kerby Anderson

A few weeks ago I talked about the new HUD housing rules that will have a negative impact on your neighborhood. Robert Knight has read through these rules and reports that they should concern all Americans. Writing in the Washington Times he says that the HUD rules are “loaded with repetitive rhetoric, bureaucratic gobbledygook, threats for noncompliance and enough acronyms to fill a stadium-sized bowl of alphabet soup.”

But you don’t need to read all these rules in the Federal Register to realize that this is an attempt to apply affirmative actions types of programs to every neighborhood. After all, this president said he wanted to fundamentally transform America. These housing rules will do just that.

Robert Knight writes: “If you, regardless of race or ethnic origin, worked hard to move to a safe neighborhood with good schools and nearby shopping, too bad. If the numbers are not to the government’s liking, your community needs to have subsidized housing projects in the name of fairness and racial quotas.”

It is amusing that the Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that the cost of compliance will be minimal. And they predict that, “the proposed rule will have relatively limited additional paperwork and planning costs.”

Robert Knight said it took hours just to read through the proposed rules and he wasn’t trying to figure out how to comply with all these regulations. This will take thousands of consultants and new employees. And in the end, your neighborhood will be regulated not by your local homeowners association or by your local government.

In my previous commentary, I answered the objection many might have. After all, you cannot imagine that your local government would allow this to happen. But as I pointed out, if your local government takes one dollar of HUD money, then it comes under the control of federal bureaucrats. This is what the transformation of America looks like under this administration.

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