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Lies We Believe

9 Common Lies Christians Believe
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

Recently I mentioned the name of Shane Pruitt on my radio program, and it reminded me of his book that we talked about a few years ago. We live in a world devoid of much common sense, and so it is worth mentioning his book, 9 Common Lies Christians Believe.

You have heard most of them before. They are little phrases and one-liners that people say to encourage you. You might be going through some tough struggles, and they remind you, “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” At a funeral for a child, someone will likely explain, “God gained another angel.” And of course, there are the millions of people who believe that “God just wants you to be happy” and that you need to “Believe in yourself.”

Shane Pruitt wrote about these common lies because of his own experience. When his wife and he adopted a disabled child from Uganda, they faced numerous surgeries for him and major emotional challenges. That is why his first chapter addresses the lie that “God won’t give me more than I can handle.” He takes on that misunderstanding both with personal examples and sound biblical interpretation.

Some of the lies we believe have been challenged in society. Common lie #5 says you must “follow your heart.” Mike Rowe is known for his work on such TV programs as “Dirty Jobs” and “Returning the Favor.” No doubt you have also seen his YouTube videos or Ted Talks about how we are doing a disservice to so many young people by telling them merely to “follow their heart.”

Shane also addresses some important theological errors. Common lie #6 is “God doesn’t really care” and common lie #8 is “I don’t think God likes me.” He hears these comments not only in this country, but even when he has travelled to Africa.

You might get a copy of the book because we need to reject these lies and embrace God’s truth on these issues.viewpoints new web version

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