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Marxist Views

Karl Marx monument in Chemnitz, Germany
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

George Barna has been interviewing Americans throughout this year and published his results in the American Worldview Inventory. As I have mentioned in previous commentaries, he has concluded that most Americans have a syncretistic worldview, which is a cut-and-paste worldview.

A very small minority of Americans have Marxism as their dominant worldview. But here is the interesting fact. A much more significant percentage of them do embrace ideas that could be described as Marxist views.

For example, more than four in ten (41%) agree that “race is used by white people to advance their economic and political interest at the expense of people of color.” More than a quarter (27%) believe “allowing people to own property facilitates economic injustice.” Marxists have called for the abolition of private property.

Nearly a majority (48%) agree with the statement that “human beings have developed over a long time from less advanced forms of life in a process that occurred naturally.” It’s worth noting that Karl Marx sent an autographed copy of his book Das Kapital to Charles Darwin.

A majority (54%) say that “determining moral truth is up to each individual; there are no moral absolutes that apply to everyone all the time.” Marxism, along with humanism and many other secular worldviews, deny the existence of absolute moral truth.

George Barna has also been researching the values of the younger generation that has been more accepting of Marxist ideas and socialism. He believes conditions are ripe for the expansion of Marxism in this country.

Although a very small percentage of Americans embrace a Marxist worldview, they nevertheless hold to many values that parallel Marxist views. Everyone from pastors to politicians should take note.viewpoints new web version

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