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New Years Prayer

Pray for 2016
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Sometimes it seems a little presumptuous to ask God’s blessing on this nation. We’re aborting more than a million babies a year. Same-sex marriage is legal across America and the federal government is forcing the mainstreaming of homosexual sin. The ability to live according to the tenets of our faith is under attack.

Knowing all this, how do we approach God? Prayerfully. Will you join me?

Lord, thank you for the many blessings You bestowed upon our nation last year and for how you enabled Your Church to live and walk in Your grace, Your love, and Your strength. Oh Lord, we ask the same for 2016.

In our personal lives, our family lives, and as we live in this culture, let us do as Charles Swindoll urges and “…make a firm commitment to quality control. Let’s move out of the thick ranks of the mediocre and join the thin ranks of excellence.” That, in itself, is witness to a watching world.

Lord, many of our national leaders, members of our Congress are redeemed believers. Make your will for them clear, Oh Lord. Do not let them be distracted or confused by other voices. Help them to stand strong and not to waiver from Your path for them. As the foundations of our nation look as if they may be destroyed, help them to remember, help us to remember, that what is happening is no surprise to You.

Remind all of us of what is written in Isaiah 40, that it is You “who sits above the circle of the earth, And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers.”

Bring again to our attention, Oh Lord, that it is You “who reduces rulers to nothing, Who makes the judges of the earth meaningless.”

Lord, in 2016 we will elect a president. Empower believers everywhere to be involved to influence the outcome. Grant Your Church the will and desire to be good stewards of the opportunity our system provides.

Believing saints, in 2016, let us walk resolute, in faith, and obedience, even if, even when it gets hard.

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