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Not Woke

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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

Many Americans are being influenced by what can be called the woke movement. It is essential that Christians think through the implications of this attempt to restructure society under the guise of fighting oppression and injustice.

Noelle Mering is the author of the book, Awake: Not Woke, A Christian response to the cult of progressive ideology. She was on my radio program recently to talk about the tactics being used to promote woke ideology.

For example, we are not defined by the image of God but by the evil in society. You are merely one entity in group identity rather than a person made in the image and likeness of God. You aren’t praised or criticized by your actions and attitudes. Instead, you are elevated or condemned based on your group, your racial background, or your gender.

The book begins with some necessary chapters on the origins of critical theory and the way these ideas came to America and then were spread to society. Then she focuses on four important dogmas: group over person, will over reason, power over authority, and the crowd and the victim.

She then explains how we have been indoctrinated into the ideas of woke ideology through the sexual revolution and through thought and speech control. And, of course, so much of this indoctrination has come through educational activism.

She concludes with important chapters on restoration. That includes restoration of the person and restoration of the family. We should not only stand up against the woke movement, but we should also be working to rebuild the foundational elements of a Christian society.

If you want to understand what the woke movement is and know how to respond to it biblically, this is a book you need to read.viewpoints new web version

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