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Recognizing Critical Race Theory

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Penna Dexternever miss viewpoints

Parents across the nation are learning that their K-12 children are being indoctrinated in critical race theory and some are responding to protect their kids. Teachers and administrators have been known to deflect questions from parents about CRT — explaining that, ‘yes of course, we teach history, we teach the Civil War and the civil rights movement.’ Some don’t even know that their curriculum is filled with CRT.

One historian and educator wrote a helpful article entitled, “How will you know if critical race theory is taught in your child’s school.” The author, Kevin Roberts, is President of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a group that has been an important player in bringing CRT to the attention of the Texas legislature. Dr. Roberts points out that it’s helpful to listen for certain terminology associated with CRT. He includes a list of buzzwords in his article:

First is equity. That’s the goal of CRT. It sounds similar to equality, but it’s quite the opposite. Kevin Roberts explains that “Instead of ensuring that every American has an equal opportunity to succeed, equity demands equality of outcomes.”

Secondly, CRT always assumes there is implicit/unconscious/internalized bias, which translates to racism in every aspect of American life.” The schools will search for this and insist students do the same.

Also key to critical race theory are the concepts of social justice and restorative justice. These require that “society must be torn down and remade in order to combat racism.”

Other terms are systemic racism — it’s in “every institution,” — microaggressions, which can be the slightest insult against people of color, white privilege, which critical race theorists say drives everything, and white fragility. Dr. Roberts says white fragility is “any objection to any tenet of critical race theory.” Sort of a gotcha phrase.

Antiracism is the rallying cry. Antiracists fight racism with racism.

Dr. Roberts lists additional buzzwords and reminds parents that CRT is “state-sponsored racism” and they will need courage to fight it.penna's vp small

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