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Numerous surveys show that socialism is often more popular among young people than capitalism. That is why I have written numerous commentaries and booklets on the subject. My booklet on A Biblical View on Capitalism and Socialism explains the two views and answers many of the criticisms socialists have about the free enterprise system. My booklet on A Biblical View on Socialism helps to answer many of the arguments used to promote socialism.

The latest post-election survey done by the Cultural Research Center shows a significant decline in support for socialism. George Barna believes that one reason for this decline is the aggressive marketing of a government-driven culture that show young and old what socialism in America would really be like.

He found that the most precipitous decline in support for socialism was among Americans ages 30 to 49. Just a decade ago, they were the demographic I often pointed to as those who supported socialism more than capitalism. That has changed significantly.

Socialism is less popular even for Americans who are age 50 years or older. In the past, they have been the group most consistent in their support of capitalism. But even in this group, there was an eight percentage-point decline in support of socialism.

The demographic groups with the least support for socialism were Christians who had a biblical worldview and what George Barna calls SAGE Cons (Spiritually Active Governance Engaged Conservative Christians). But there are still a small percentage of them who support socialism. That is why I have a section in my booklets on whether the Bible teaches socialism.

Support for socialism is declining, and that is good news.viewpoints new web version


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