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In an age of smart tech, descriminate
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Andrew McDiarmid is a media specialist at the Discovery Institute and author of a blog that attempts to apply biblical principles to technology. He was on my radio program recently to talk about an article posted on the Breakpoint website.

The global pandemic has affected our lives in countless ways. One of the most concerning is the reality that our screen time has skyrocketed. We are now relying on technology companies more than ever. He concludes that the “pandemic has given many tech companies a golden opportunity to solve our daily pain points and get us hooked on their products and services.”

This leads to an interesting irony. We have more digital technology available to us than ever before, but we seem more unhappy than ever before. “As Christians, we want to be a witness for Christ and use the gifts God has given us to live purposeful lives and build his kingdom. But when our use of technology becomes automatic and unthinking, our health and well-being” are at risk.

He recommends that we take stock of the technology we already have in our lives, especially the digital technology of gadgets and screens. Are we using technology tools merely to waste time? Do these new devices and services keep us from thinking for ourselves? Do they enable us to use our God-given abilities and spiritual gifts? Do these digital technologies help us to accomplish what God has called us to do?

These are good questions and require that we begin to set boundaries. He admits that “knowing where to draw the line between things you think through yourself and thinking you delegate to a computer can be difficult.” All of this requires thoughtful analysis of the tech tools you bring into your life and a careful evaluation of how you will be using them.
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