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The Most Vulnerable

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Several commentators point to an obvious contradiction. On the one hand, progressive activists mourn the loss of “our most vulnerable” who are killed in a store or school. Yet with the next breath promote state laws that will increase the killing of the unborn, who are truly the most vulnerable in society.

Much of this contradiction is tied up with a misunderstanding of rights. Rights are rooted in natural law and cannot merely be your subjective feelings. The so-called “right to abortion” isn’t a right found in the Constitution nor can it be found in centuries of writings about natural law. The “right” to kill the unborn is not a right.

Those who promote abortion would certainly accept the idea that the victims of the recent mass shootings had a right to life. But they ignore the right to life for the unborn by changing the subject to a woman’s right to choose.

This illustrates another contradiction. The state of New York, for example, passed two different sets of laws concerning abortion. Lawmakers quickly passed a package of bills designed to increase the number of abortions in the state. The governor seems to be working to make New York an abortion sanctuary that would encourage women in other states to travel there to get an abortion.

At the same time, the New York legislature passed a bill that requires the state health commissioner to investigate pro-life pregnancy centers in the state. This thinly veiled law may be used to intimidate clinics. These are clinics that give abortion-minded women a choice other than abortion. New York lawmakers may say they believe in choice, but they appear to be doing all they can to eliminate the possibility of giving a pregnant woman a true choice.

This is the upside-down moral reasoning of our current culture of death. We need to be promoting a culture of life along with rational moral arguments.viewpoints new web version

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