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Twitter Echo Chamber

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never miss viewpointsKerby Anderson

Charles Cooke argues that “Progressives Have a Twitter Problem.” Of course, you could also say that liberals and conservatives focus too much on Twitter. But what he is talking about is the Twitter echo chamber, which reinforces liberal ideas that bear little relation to reality.

Progressive ideas and policy proposals are promoted and reinforced within the Twitter-sphere. Tweets are retweeted and repeatedly liked by a mob of sycophants. Soon an idea that might not even be given serious consideration in Congress or the whole of society becomes the dominant discussion.

Charles Cooke says that the current obsession with student loan forgiveness “is pure Twitter, as are the relentless focus on transgenderism and race-essentialism.” Phrases like “birthing people” and “Jim Crow 2.0” and “Defund the Police” were also “a Twitter thing.”

The Twitter echo chamber not only has an influence on policy, but it has an influence on people. “Sometimes, the Internet helps people advance their careers. Sometimes, it gives them the rope with which they will hang themselves.”

Yes, there are crazies on both the left and the right. But the conservative crazies are more likely to be kicked out of social media. Also, progressive crazies are more likely to demand cancelation not only of conservatives but even of liberals. You can never be woke enough for many progressives, which is why they often “eat their own.”

Twitter also highlights personality flaws. Charles Cooke talks about one prominent law professor who seemed normal and was highly regarded. Then we started to see what the professor posted online. He didn’t look so smart, rational, or normal.

Progressives have a Twitter problem because they believe too much of what they read there that has no relation to reality. And it exposes the irrational views of many of them.viewpoints new web version

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