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Voter ID Laws

More and more states are passing voter ID laws, in part because of undercover videos that show how easy it is to compromise the voting process. That was the case four years ago when James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas team showed how easy it was to commit voter fraud in various state elections.

Since then, the New Hampshire legislature passed a bill mandating that voters show some form of identification. Many types of IDs are acceptable. But even if a person does not have the proper ID, he or she can signed an affidavit so that their vote will be counted. The law does not place too heavy a burden on anyone who wished to vote but still provides some level of security so that no citizen’s vote is stolen.

James O’Keefe had a great idea. Why not go back to New Hampshire and see how well the state’s voter ID law is working? The videos are a reminder that as important as voter ID laws are, you still need poll watchers to make sure the law is followed.

The video shows people working at the polls actually encouraging citizens to skirt the rules. A campaign staff worker for Bernie Sanders tells someone to claim a false address in order to vote in the primary election. Another one of the Project Veritas people said she was not living in New Hampshire, but just wanted to vote in New Hampshire. The helpful poll worker suggested she just say she was staying with a friend.

James O’Keefe points out that without proper identification, anyone could vote with a counterfeit name and address. Four years ago, his video showed Project Veritas people obtaining ballots for people who had died but were still on the rolls. Later that year, one of them in Washington, D.C. was able to obtain the ballot for then-attorney general Eric Holder.

Voter ID laws are a positive first step, but these videos illustrate we need poll watchers to make sure they are properly implemented.

Viewpoints by Kerby Anderson

Voter ID Laws

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