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Generation Z – Base Camp

By: Jason Jimenez – – 2018

As the American culture grows increasingly more secular, churches are no longer carrying the kind of authority and influence they once had.

Church is no longer a top priority for the bulk of young Americans, and a growing number of Christians don’t see the need to put down roots in a church.

However, it may surprise you that there’s still a dedicated population of young people who say church is a top priority, and that faith is the single-most important thing in their lives. This is promising—and is something we should get excited about.

So, instead of another report about the horrible and depressing findings about Millennials (Gen Y) and Plurals (Gen Z)—we, at Summit, thought it important to share with you five encouraging findings that explains why 30% of young Christians remain committed to church.

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Source: 5 Reasons Why 30% of Students Aren’t Dropping Out of Church – Summit Ministries

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