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Why Can’t Biden Condemn Violence

Press Secretary Jen Psaki at WH press briefing
By: Charles C. W. Cooke – nationalreview.com – May 6, 2022

Asked about this week’s extraordinary breach of security at the Supreme Court, Jen Psaki explained that, “I don’t think we have a particular view on that other than to say that we certainly note the unprecedented nature of it.”

Really? That’s the White House’s answer? That it doesn’t have a “particular view” beyond noting that such a leak hadn’t happened before? Strewth.

Naturally, the important thing here isn’t that the leak was “unprecedented.” The important thing here is that the leak was destructive and dishonest and wrong. This wasn’t one of those “We’re proud to announce the first ever Supreme Court leak…

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Source: ‘Dobbs Leak’: Biden Administration Can’t Seem to Condemn | National Review

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