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left_flag Friday, March 29
Friday, March 29, 2024
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Our host today is our own Kerby Anderson. First up, Kerby welcomes back Dr. Jeremiah Johnston, President and Founder of Christian Thinkers Society. They are going to be discussing The Body of Proof – the book and the Bible study. And in the second hour, Kerby welcomes John & Angel Beeson. They bring us their new book, Trading Faces: Removing the Masks that Hide Your God-Given Identity. It’s going to be fascinating.

Kerby Anderson
Kerby Anderson
Host, Point of View Radio Talk Show
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Kerby Anderson is host of Point of View Radio Talk Show and also serves as the President of Probe Ministries. He holds masters degrees from Yale University (science) and Georgetown University (government). He also serves as a visiting professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and has spoken on dozens of university campuses including University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University, Princeton University, Johns HopkinsRead More

Jeremiah Johnston Show Page
Jeremiah Johnston, PhD
President and Founder - Christian Thinkers Society
Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston, Ph.D., is a New Testament scholar called to equip Christians to love God with all their hearts and minds.

As president of the Christian Thinkers Society and author/co-author of ten books, Jeremiah is passionate about resourcing believers to give intellectually informed reasons for what they believe. He speaks regularly and contributes to national publications and shows, including, Fox News, CNN, USA Today, Relevant, The Christian Post, and several other media outlets.

Jeremiah and his wife, Audrey, along with their five children, live in Texas.
Book Cover - Body of Proof
Body of Proof: The 7 Best Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus--and Why It Matters Today
In Body of Proof, acclaimed apologist and scholar Dr. Jeremiah Johnston sets out to show why Jesus' victory over death is central to a believer's faith. Straightforward, accessible, and practical, this book examines the latest archaeological and textual findings and presents seven tangible, fresh reasons to believe Jesus really rose from the dead--and why it matters today as the foundation of our hope in the face of suffering and grief. When you fully understand the implications of the resurrection, you will begin to understand the power of Christ in you. This changes everything.
Body of Proof - Bible Study Book
Body of Proof - Bible Study Book with Video Access
Body of Proof Bible Study Book with Video Access includes printed content for four sessions, a leader guide, personal study between group sessions, applicable Scripture, “How to Use This Study,” tips for leading a group, and more. Also, each Book contains unique codes that enable you to access free teaching videos for each session.

The single most important fact of the Christian faith is that Jesus isn’t dead. He was resurrected on a Sunday morning two thousand years ago. That one weekend included His execution, an earthquake, daytime darkness, an uprising, and a miracle unlike any the world had ever seen.
John Beeson - Show Page
John Beeson, MDiv
Author | Blogger | Counselor | Co-Lead Pastor - New Life Bible Fellowship
John Beeson is the co-lead pastor at New Life Bible Fellowship in Oro Valley, Arizona. His previous work includes Blogging for God’s Glory in a Click-Bait World with Benjamin Vrbicek.
Book Cover - Trading Faces
Trading Faces: Removing the Masks that Hide Your God-Given Identity
Seeking fulfilment, many Christians turn to identities that promise to give their lives meaning: profession, roles as spouse or parent, personality types, even sexuality--anything that can be held up to others as the empowering core of who they are. But when these new labels don’t give them any real foundation for hope, they end up feeling disappointed, directionless, and defeated. Those false identities turn out to be only sand.

John and Angel Beeson have seen this problem again and again in their respective roles as pastor and counselor. And they want searching Christians to know the truth: a fulfilling understanding of self can only be found by rooting one's identity in the unchangeable and nonnegotiable understanding of who we were created to be.
Angel Beeson - Show Page
Angel Beeson, MA
Counselor and Founder - Whole Hope Counseling
Angel received her Masters in Biblical Counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary and has over 10 years of counseling experience. She is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.



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