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Abortion and Equality

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Leave it to progressive corporate leaders to suggest that laws promoting abortion are the same as “equality.” After all, the use of the term “equality” worked to promote same-sex marriage. Why not bend the term to apply to abortion and reproductive rights?

Executives from 180 corporations signed a joint statement with the deceptive title, “Don’t Ban Equality.” In a commentary by John Hirschauer, he aptly describes it as “a gratuitous assault on the English language.” Who exactly is trying to “ban equality”? Those would be the legislators who have decided to enact pro-life legislation. Only in this bizarre world of political correctness would the word equality apply to bills that in any way limit a woman’s right to abort her unborn child.

The core argument in the joint statement can be found in these two sentences: “Equality in the workplace is the most important business issues of our time. When everyone is empowered to succeed, our companies, our communities, and our economy are better for it.”

If those sentences were found in any other document other than one that called for unhindered abortion rights, I think most everyone would agree. But the sentences have nothing to do with abortion because they define equality to mean no laws for abortion at any time of gestation. And who exactly is empowered here? Not the unborn child. Often it isn’t even the woman who had the abortion.

The joint statement also tries to make the case that pro-life laws are “bad for business.” Apparently, they believe that if a state bans abortions after a certain time period, those laws will be bad for business.Someone needs to explain to these corporations that killing off so many future customers by abortion is really what would be bad for their business.

These corporate executives are wrong. Pro-life laws are not banning equality nor are they bad for business.

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Abortion and Equality

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