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January 13, 2022
Awake, Not Woke banner

Kerby Anderson Many Americans are being influenced by what can be called the woke movement. It is essential that Christians think through the implications of this attempt to restructure society under the guise of fighting oppression and injustice. Noelle Mering is the author of the book, Awake: Not Woke, A Christian response to the cult of progressive ideology. She was on my radio program recently to talk about the tactics being used to promote woke ideology. For example, we are…

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January 12, 2022
Digital analysing faces in a crowd

Kerby Anderson Americans are being watched digitally, and it doesn’t seem to matter whether they are innocent citizens, suspects, or criminals. That is the argument made in the brief filed by the Rutherford Institute in a case before the Supreme Court. The case involves a man who federal investigators traced using cell site location information that allowed them to trace his movements back in time. He was arrested, indicted, and convicted. The issue isn’t his guilt but the fact that…

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January 11, 2022
Ripleys one armed paper hanger

Kerby Anderson Critical thinking is going to be more important in this age of confused thinking and logical fallacies. Kevin Williamson talked about what he called the “one-armed paper-hangers” argument. I have never heard this technique called that, but it is worth discussing because it shows up so often, especially in op-eds and news stories. He was critiquing a writer who said we should not consider adoption to be a viable option to abortion because, “I was adopted. I know…

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January 10, 2022
Chinese & Russian flags

Kerby Anderson The possibility of military confrontation between the US and China seems greater than in the last few decades. What might trigger that confrontation would be military action by China against Taiwan. But the reason for tensions between the US and China and tensions between the US and Russia may be due to reasons most of us have not considered. Andrew Michta is the dean of the College of International and Security Studies at the George S. Marshall European…

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January 7, 2022
School Closed - sign

Penna Dexter Panelists on the year-end edition of CBS’s “Face the Nation” were asked to identify what they think is the most under-reported story of the year. Correspondent Jan Crawford’s choice was “the crushing impact that our COVID policies have had on young kids and children.” These policies, she said, have been implemented despite the fact that children face “the least serious risk for serious illness.” Jan Crawford is Chief Legal Correspondent for CBS News and the mother of 4….

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January 7, 2022

Kerby Anderson The American people are being squeezed out by big government, big business, and big labor. Former Senator Jim DeMint made that claim in his book, Falling in Love with America Again. When he was on my radio program, he talked about what Edmund Burke called “the little platoons.” Civic groups, volunteer organizations, and churches are making a positive impact on their communities. Unfortunately, the bigs (as he calls them) are taking away our liberty and squeezing out groups…

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January 6, 2022
Overton Window

Kerby Anderson Often political articles are written by writers who assume the reader understands all the phrases they use. One of the phrases being used quite often is the “Overton Window.” The other day, someone in my Sunday School class asked what the Overton Window means. I thought it would be good to explain that. Fortunately, Joseph Lehman has done that in a recent article. The phrase comes from a colleague of his, Joseph Overton. It is an attempt to…

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January 5, 2022
Rowling Turley Maher Chappelle

Kerby Anderson More than a decade ago, Vanderbilt University issued an ultimatum to religious student groups that they must affirm the school’s nondiscrimination policy. The Christian group on campus believed that the leader should share the religious beliefs and values of the religious organization. David French was a religious liberties litigator at the time and wanted to help the organization. But the leader (Tish Harrison Warren) felt that a Christian conservative lawyer, who was an Iraq War veteran, was the…

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January 4, 2022
AOC's Tesla

Kerby Anderson Charles Cooke tells a story about a friend who was taken on the 18th birthday and forced to take out $70,000 in student loans and then forced to go to college. At the end, he complained about having to pay back that student loan. He was, of course, kidding about the story that he used to explain how some college graduates and some politicians make it seem like student loan debt was extracted at the point of a…

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January 3, 2022
Volunteer donate charitable joy

Kerby Anderson The latest news on the pandemic is troubling. Cases and COVID-19 deaths have increased. You might expect that the FDA would work even harder to push to get more effective drugs on the market. John Stossel, in a video and commentary, talks about the deadly delays that come from a plodding government bureaucracy. For example, Pfizer’s Paxlovid was found to reduce the risk of hospitalization and death by 89 percent. In fact, it was so effective, that the…

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December 31, 2021
Couple separated park bench

Penna Dexter New research on family life shows that COVID-19 has exacerbated a growing divide in family formation, with higher-income, better-educated Americans more interested in getting married and having children than those with less education and lower incomes. Marriage rates are falling. Birth and fertility rates are at record lows. The fertility rate is only about 1.7 children per woman. well below the replacement rate of 2.1 children per woman. All kinds of problems result from this decline in family…

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